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A flying crocodilio is a much more ferocious version of the already extremely dangerous Crocodilio. They are still part crocodile, part alligator, and part camen, but they are also many other breeds of animals. They are native to Latrobe and can be seen pretty much anywhere around there. They tend to stick to the skies until about after midnight when they descend to the ground to look for prey. During the winter months when the crocodilioses hibernate deep underwater in special sacks to protect them from the cold, the flying crocodilio flys to Australia, where it steals the DNA of the inhabitants there to make itself stronger. In the 2011 year, they have grown longer, more powerful jaws, and their wing span has increased from 6ft to about 12ft. Be warned, if you see a flying crocodilio, get some cover ASAP and hope for the best."
Oh shit dude! It's a flying crocodilio! Run away while you still can!
by Black MacGyver June 28, 2011
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