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A flygirl is a sexy chic with a swag all her own. She is confident and just exudes hawtness! Her outfit fits right in with her personality and she is always the shutter of all things down!
She shut that club DOWN last night. Thats what I call a FLYGIRL!
by Flygirl617 August 09, 2010
26 8
Backup dancer in music videos (primarily rap).
Jennifer Lopez started in television as a "fly girl" (dancer) on
the television comedy program In Living Color
by egosumabbas November 18, 2004
208 129
a girl who knows what she wants and goes for it. she doesnt care what anyone says about it. shes sexy in everyway, and she doesnt take shit from anyone
"You see that girl? Shes a flygirl fasho"
by SpringWatta November 19, 2008
62 23
A really fine and sexy chick.
Man i want to bang dat flygirl
by Tom Davis September 06, 2003
52 32
A term to refer to female cadets in the Air Force.
She's a Fly Girl stationed at Peterson AFB
by Tatsel January 23, 2007
49 108