Nstead of that YOLO bullshit
1: Hey man, what are you doing? YOLO!
2: Fuck that YOLO shit, FLY!!
FLY for life.

Before taking a shot, say "FLY"
by ...e.j.f... April 29, 2012
cool or tyte or dope
did u c the white guy with a tie that sure was fly
by robert March 16, 2005
cool; popular; hip-awesome
Jon is a very FLY kid.
by Da Monster April 23, 2009
Someone who you hate because you love them so much.
Mere words can't describe her only "Fly"
by FlipingFresh March 27, 2009
Used to express pleasure and likening.
"Dat shit is FLY, yo! Perhaps I'll roll on my 20s, flash my bling and pop a cap with my FLY gat. Tch, yeah!"
by Pimpette Masta J December 08, 2003
A small patch of facial hair grown just below the lower lip.
You've got some cheese stuck on your fly, bro.
by Johnny Jingo May 08, 2007
Ulster slang: to be unfair to you or if someone has said something to someone that you feel he is being hard done by.
"he's so fly!", "thats fly as fuck!"
by smith March 24, 2005
the adjective for describing how awsome and gangsta Justin and Lauren are in real life.
Wow, look at Justin and Lauren, they are So fly!
by Napoleon Dynomite September 19, 2004
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