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1. Dat chick so fly, she make a pimp cry. Fly Betty, she zip 'n she zap, 'n she all O-VA dat. Mo' sexy'n Cat Woman 'n mo' lethal'n a thousan Juliettes, she shrimp yo pride mo' fasta dana speedin bullet 'n mo' powa-fu dan huh loca-motives. Not evun Mick Jagga got d'swagga make fly Betty lagga. She just too fly.

2. Pimp-code fo'...
a) fast hook-up
b) fav-O-rite ho
c) unrequited luv
d) all'em above

1. Fly Betty, she late. Hmmm, best not be tryin'a shrimp ma pride, cuz dis one NOOK-LAY hook-up. Oh, wait, hea she come. Shiiiii...! Dat be one pimpin ho! She supa-fly! Mmmm-mmmm! Looka dat!

2. Pimp 1: "Dawg, wutchyoo on'bout now?"
Pimp 2: "Fly Betty, she done shrimped my pride."
Pimp 1: "Has I gotsta pimpicate-chya on evu-r-uthang?
Pimp 2: "Yeah, dawg, but we had this thang..."
((dry tears falling into dry martini))

by Ivan Ugrozny November 01, 2007

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