the act of flashing one's pussy (vagina) to unwitting audience.

flussied -past tense of flussy
Hey! surprise me, Flussy me!!

Britney Spears sure flussied the paparazzi when she and Paris Hilton went partying.
by karlgow December 09, 2006
Normally a female who is usually deemed a skank by people of asian decent (especially Mongolians). A flussy is very full of themselves. They never win, but certainly always lose. Some people black people think she has "porno legs" whatever the hell that is.
Jaimie is such a skank and she can never get anything right. She is definitely a flussy.
by I <3 Daisy June 07, 2011
A ombination of a Floozy and a Hussy.
Man that girl is such a flussy!

Stop going out with my husband you homewrecker flussy.
by thenfc August 17, 2009
A good friend of yours that you have had for a long time.
What up flussy?
Zach's a flussy fat ass!
by Boosie Bad Azz April 10, 2008

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