The last 7 inches of a human's lower intestine, terminating at the balloon knot. A derivitive of the words "fume" and possibly "flow".
Frangrant Flume: A stinky butt.
Fluming: The act of farting or crapping.
by Flay Tuss November 19, 2009
Top Definition
A channel or trough used to direct gas or liquid downstream.
The gas from Dave is so potent, they need a fuel mod zone to deflect his flume.
by Jesus Andres May 27, 2008
A water ride found in most amusement parks, where you are inside either a boat or a log and you float down a trough.

Not as fun as a roller coaster, but you get pretty wet.
"You wanna go on the flumes? There's barely any line."
by xavier February 05, 2005
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