A synonym for rather large breasts (interchangeable for both genders, though primarily used when describing female breasts).
Matt: Looks like you have a boner there, Derek.
Derek: I really don't; it's just my pants.
Matt: Don't worry! It always happens to me when I look at Kassandra's flower pots.
by CrimsonRed June 06, 2009
Top Definition
A term of endearment native to Northern England - similar to love, dear, pet, etc. Mostly used by parents or grandparents for their children/grandchildren.
Hello, my flowerpot! How are you?
by Aslan_63 October 15, 2010
A homosexual male or gay man
Any man that sleep with little boys is a flowerpot too.
by A J Dunn January 26, 2008
When you soil/shart you underwear, then remove the underwear and put them on someones head.
"I had the craps, so i gave that bitch a flower pot."
by FrankJohnson March 06, 2008
A woman's vagina. A woman's Vagina is known to some as a "flower pot" because like a flower pot it houses seed (sperm.)
Wash your flower pot.
Don't let anyone see your flower pot.

Another word for sperm is "seed" so you would would think of these 2 combining to form a baby.
by Andre Fontanez March 15, 2010
Pay no mind to the above entries. A flower pot is an act of humiliation or enjoyment for some. It requires that someone's mouth be shit it. Then the offender, who already has his/her pants down, trims their pubic hair and lets the trimmings fall into the open mouth. And simultaneously, the pube trimmer/defecator fills the "flower pot" with his/her own urine in the hopes that some foul vegetation will sprout.
I'm getting revenge on my brother by giving him a fucking flower pot. Yeah, he won't get the taste of shit and piss off his breath for three weeks, not to mention picking the pubes out of his teeth.
by Phillip T. Künz August 13, 2010
Drunken ass whole that everyone loves. Sort of like a Rose with many thorns. Is extremely cute! But is very mean to ex-girlfriends and ex-crushes. Also cheats on people (hahaha).
Lately you've been acting like a Flower Pot.
by Claire Peterson November 05, 2004
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