Flower means dying, RED situation - in army code/slang.
Example of how you can put the word together

"He's pushing up the daisies"

"We've got a flower here, please call Medical"
by Daniel G, Haïm September 14, 2008
A boy with girl issues who enjoys playing the guitar and singing
Person 1: Man have you listened to that kid's lyrics, he is such a flower!
Person 2: I know right!
by hockeyhockey654 August 29, 2011
the reproductive system of many plant species, naturally given as a metaphoric gift to the chick you're with
I got some flowers for my chick. I hope that plant's junk gets her in the mood.
by illicinomen June 28, 2009
an hate word towards the florecia 13 gang in los angeles made by the east coast crips which are rivals in la
fuck a flower cuz!!
by lalski2x February 11, 2009
plant,colorful, something that grows from the ground. Creates pollen.r
That flower over there is really pretty, dont you think?
by Michelle Henderson March 14, 2008
Alternative word for faggot, queer, and homosexual.
Yo man, that guy wearing the pink hello kitty shirt is such a fucking flower!
by Ricky92! October 21, 2010
a plant no duh u stupid bumshwickle
yo dude look at that flower!
by flowerhead March 31, 2010
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