Verb, adjective, noun, adverb, and interjection all in one. It means something is very puffy, usually hair.
Verb- She flooshed my hair!
Adj- Her hair is so flooshed.
Noun- Rocking the floosh nancy!
Adv- Everyone flooshly did their hair
Interjection- FLOOSH MY BALLS!
by psychokillerinyourbed April 29, 2012
1.a word to show excitement ugh-oh moment

3.Derek Cadiere
1. I went to the store and saw a gangster and i was all like "FLOOSH"

2.Little kid: I made a floosh mommy!
Mommy: what the fuck did you do?
little kid: i saw daddy in the pool and he was floatin like ma dead fish and you said if ma fish floated i had to flush him so i pulled daddy's plug!
Mommy: FLOOSH he didnt rewrite his will yet I'M FUCKING RICH FLOOSH FLOOSH

3. Did you see the floosh's face when he saw me in booksamillion. the only reason that dumbass floosh left was because he was with a fat ass chick who wasnt his girlfriend and I'm telling lacy!!!!!!!!!
by Jade C. and Furby April 10, 2005

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