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The act of reaching the climax of sexual intercourse while in a non-elevated position; having an aforementioned climax on the floor or ground as opposed to a raised surface.
The couple rolled off of the bed and experienced multiple floorgasms.
by lokoike October 24, 2006
Orgasm (metaphoric) on the (dance)floor. The supremely satisfactory feeling one receives from finally getting that damn throwaway oversway, contracheck, fallaway-slip pivot-developpe amalgamation, or other complex, expensive, time-consuming, and difficult dance maneuver/step/amalgamation/etc. that causes much sweating and crying and swearing at partner.

A giddy rush of pleasure a follow (usually female) receives when led through anything "above their level" by an accomplished and kick-ass lead (usually a male) before they have enough time to worry about head-weight, shoulders, foot-tracking, hoo-haa lifting or boob-stickin'.

What Jack Johnson is capable of giving any woman he dances with.

What one has when watching an awesome dancesport performance.
Dancesport coach: Today we're going to learn a dip that looks as though your spine has been bent like a twizzler.

Lead: *drops partner on her big fat ass*

Jack Johnson: Let me do it,

Follow: teehee- *floorgasm*

Jack: *endearingly arrogant smirk*

Ballroom addict 1: Say, did you watch that PBS America's Ballroom Challenge?

Obsessed Ballroom Addict: OMG did you SEE Ben and Shalene? *Floorgasm!*

Ballroom Addict 1: Dude... wipe your chin...

Ben: Yeah, and stop stalkin' me!

Shalene: TZAH! *delivers tango-face beatdown with a Supadance to the face*
by Tzah September 11, 2007
When having an orgasim, you spaz out fall out of bed and finish cuming on the floor.
Guy A "Fuck my back hurts."
Guy B "What happened?"
Guy A "I was fucking my girlfriend and had a huge floorgasm and landed right on my back."
by Dr. Mcjesus January 19, 2010
A highly sexual pose, used often in modeling, dance and gymnastics, mostly by women. It requires lying face up on the floor, with the back arched and head back, the toes pointed down, and the legs independently writhing up and down. Commonly the legs are together, with the thighs rubbing against each other, but sometimes can be performed with the writhing legs spread wide open as well.

Suggests pleasure or orgasm, although can also be used to suggest pain.

Also known as "The Writhing Goddess" pose.
She fell down on her back and had a floorgasm after the stage hypnotist gave her an orgasm suggestion.
by dancergirl77 March 28, 2010
The act of having sex and getting on the floor for the orgasm
"I watched this video where this a guy and a chick were doing it on the floor, it was quite a floorgasm."
by Gena Tulls February 18, 2009
when you have an orgasm on the floor
oh me and my girlfriend had a floorgasm last night
by zadowmanic October 23, 2010
An orgasm that takes place on the floor; inside or outside.
Sally and Joe had a floorgasm in Bob's house.
by Florgm April 28, 2007
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