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A form of storage for clothing which requires no hangers, drawers, doors or effort. Simply drop on the floor and you have a floordrobe.
We have a very stylish colonial-style his and hers walk-on floordrobe at home.
by Melander April 16, 2007
where you put your clothes when you come home after work/school, instead of the wardrobe or washing.
"Where should i put this?"
"Just chuck it on the floordrobe."
by Gems May 11, 2005
Leaving worn clothes all over the floor and also throwing your clean clothes on the floor instead of putting them away and picking through them when you need them.
Mum: Clean up your room, it's a disgrace. Put those clothes away.

You: No, it's my new floordrobe..
by T Reed September 18, 2007
A storage system for clothing created entirely by placing one's clothes on the floor.
a much lazier version of the wardrobe. Even lazier than the chairdrobe, plus you save a place to sit.
1: do you have a clean shirt I could borrow?
2: I don't know. Let me check my floordrobe
by sterlinglynn September 11, 2008
The part of your floor where discarded clothes are kept.
Have you seen that red shirt I like?
No. Try the floordrobe.
by HeeBeeDeeGee April 30, 2009
A pile of clothes on your floor that you're too lazy to put in the closet.
I gotta get dressed. Let me pick something from the floordrobe.
by TLephant May 13, 2009
the result of having all of your clothes strewn across the floor rather than in a cupboard. Commonly found in the rooms of teenagers
most teens wake up in the morning and wear the first thing they find on their floordrobe.
by dirty_floor209 September 20, 2009
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