A totally normal not ironic day.
Of all the words that could be used to describe his mixed up day, floopy was not one of them.
by JohnDoe424242 January 11, 2012
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confused, in a state of inner turmoil. if soemone feels floopy, nothing is going right and they can't make sense of their life or the things that are happening to them.
Rachel (on Friends) - ...everything was figured out and (now that it's not all figured out), everything's just like...(acts out juggling)...floopy.
by phat_bat September 11, 2005
A DNAism*. In the manner of a happy mattress.

Douglas Noel Adams
The mattress bounded floopily across the plains.
by tafka May 14, 2004
adj. Acting in a uncharacteristic (sometimes humorous) manner, such that others are confused/disturbed by such behavior
Emma was acting floopy as she stuck her fingers in her ears and danced around the room.
by james September 16, 2004
A word used to describe diarreah you get when you have the flu. A cross between the flu and poopies.
I made a mess in my pyjamas because I have the floopies.
by udm October 20, 2007
plural for unborn babies (twins) in the womb
Are the floopies kicking?
by Katherine & Sheldon June 28, 2006
Not quite right. This word can be used when describing how you are feeling or when something you are doing is not going quite to plan.
Today i am feeling a little bit floopy.
by Serena02 September 28, 2012
A word used in place of fuck when you are near old people with power (teachers, parents, etc.) or small children.
"What the fuc- - I mean FLOOPIES - was that?"
by MichelleD November 13, 2005

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