The feeling you get when you are just drunk enough not to feel anything and you're head is up in the clouds
After you have taken 7+ shots and the world becomes a blur; where you start looking at everything like its an adventure and your head feels super light, that's when you're floatin
by KatieBaby318 September 13, 2011
Top Definition

It means high.

Specifically on weed.
sheeeet i just smoked four bowls im floatin 8)~~~~~~~~~~~~
by Cap'n Awesome April 29, 2005
1. Meaning cool or awesome
2. Can also be used to describe things that are suspended in air/ levitating, but this is not as important or as useful as definition 1
"Man check that out Mark! Thats floatin'!" I said as Patrick looked on. "yea dude that's really floatin'" exclaimed Jeremy.
by Jonathan "Hammy" Hamilton November 16, 2005
it means to go real fast
"you see that nigga?" "yea, that car was floatin!"
by Yung Tune January 08, 2008
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