Alternatively, this word can refer to any piece of fecal matter, regardless of flushability, that is less dense than water, thereby floating to the top of the toilet bowl water. The opposite of sinker.
Last time I took a crap, they were all floaters.
by Stan B. January 16, 2003
a large booger that is suspended in mid air in someones nostril, and is obvious to people around
wow, that guy had a huge floater in his nose during the interview
by kitty litterapapa April 28, 2009
when you take a crap, the crap floats and does not sink to the bottow of the toilet bowl
That crap was a floaters not a sinker
by Miami Pete October 11, 2005
a person who hangs around celebs or up-and-coming people in order to get ahead in his or her field
That guy over there is such a floater....he thinks by hanging out with that band hes gonna go places in life.
by Son_of_LB May 22, 2005
Another word for "lazy eye" syndrome
The bitch looked at me straight, but I could see her floater looking sideways.
by J.M. Goldenrick December 08, 2002
A racist name for a mexican. Since most mexicans swim across the Rio Grande to the United States. The mexican govt. dumps crap in the river, so you can say the swim next to floater.
Shut up and make me a Taco you floater.
by Anonymous April 10, 2003
When Beer is left on a table, counter or anything where it is abandoned half full.
"alright, we all paid for this beer, no floaters"

"Who's floater is this?"
by Dickhole Sucker June 03, 2009

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