1. (adj.) One who follows the musical works of The Young Cheefer Pachino

2. (noun) A Joint filled with top notch marijuana
1. Johnson: "Yo' are you a floater?"

Pete: "Hell yeah bro I fucks with Pachino hard."

2. Johnson: "I'm about to roll this floater real quick and blast some Pachino. You wit' it?"

Pete: "You already bro!"
by Pachino fan :) July 07, 2010
a poker player who knowingly play an inferior hand against his opponent's stronger hand in hope that he will either out play his opponent to win the pot or to connect with the community card to beat his opponent (especially true in Texas Hold Em)
Because he is a floater, with K-9, he's hoping to float after the flop against his opponent's Q-Q.
by IronMang June 23, 2010
A Type of Hallucination usually seen out of the corner of the eye , which looks like the wiggling tale of a sperm .

Commonly seen by people who have acquired HPPD (a disorder characterized by a continual presence of visual disturbances that are reminiscent of those generated by the ingestion of hallucinogenic substances) through abusing Dipenhydramine HCi (Benadryl) or Dextromorphan.
Rico Suave Starts Bugging out. *

- Jamie : whats the matter bro ?

- Rico : Naw bruh , i'm seein them black sperm tails again! goddamn floaters bruh , shit be crazy !!
by The Young Scotty T. April 06, 2010
1. A highly overlooked modern rock band with songs like "Cinema" "Endless II" "Independance Day" etc. They are as far from Mainstream as you can get, having never been on MTV even though they're hugely popular to the few who know of them. They often do live concerts..

2. Alternatively, the word "Floater" is more commonly known as a piece of feces that will not flush down the toilet and thus "Floats" on the surface.
1.Yo man, I saw Floater live last night! they were fuckin' awesome!

2. Don't go in that bathroom, some fat bastard left a gnarly floater in there!
by Andrew187 April 26, 2005
An individual in college who is not able to find a blocking group (group of roommates) to join for the duration of his academic career and is therefore subjected to living with random people selected by the school. This is usually the result of having a lack of close friends or being perceived as socially awkward or inadequate.
"Hey man can I join your blocking group?"
"I guess that means I have to be a floater!"
by ADtheEmperor May 26, 2009
1)A large peice of poop which floats at the top of your toilet like an oil tanker.
2)When you hit or throw any type of ball and it stays in the air for a long peeriod of time.
1)I just made a huge floater in your can
2)Wow did you see that floater Vinny threw?
Ya damn that was nice.
by Donkeyman May 12, 2008
An intern who is tossed from desk to desk, picking up the slack from regular firm employees who happen to be out/sick/on vacation.
I hope they get me a floater - my secretary's out all next week on vacation.
by Lowly Intern August 15, 2005

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