1.boyant turds,turds of a high boyancy

2.natural breasts
3.beer left sitting out
There r floaters in the toilet,look at that pair of floaters!
some one left a floater around the table
by N8_Da_Gr8_254 June 22, 2009
Someone who most likely has more than one job and works P/T for a company that calls them when they need someone to cover a shift or eliminate overtime. Sometimes they work as little as once a week.
Boss: Last week our floater worked 8 hours and he's not schedule for another 2 weeks.

Worker: That's sure one hard working negro. A true hustla.
by Hard Working Niglet April 28, 2009
Faeces floating in toilet bowl that remain after flushing.
You walk in the toilet and there are small lumps of s**t floating in the water. You come out and say "Who left the floater?"
by Karen Saunders July 22, 2007
The body of a drowned person, used by police, emergency personnel and news reporters.
A bloated floater bobbed in the East River near the old Broolyn Navy Yard.
by T.E. Bell June 21, 2005
A person with more than one label; a style/label mixer; ect.

I am: Goth, Emo, Sk8er, Gamer, Punk, and Gangsta, so instead of saying all that, i call myself a Floater
by SystemRulez December 02, 2006
Someone who doesn't like having girlfriends and just goes around hooking up with different girls a lot.
girl: hey do you have a girlfriend?

guy: no im a "floater"

girl: good, I hate relationships and like to have one night stands too!

guy: niceeee
by Floater103 December 21, 2010
1. (adj.) One who follows the musical works of The Young Cheefer Pachino

2. (noun) A Joint filled with top notch marijuana
1. Johnson: "Yo' are you a floater?"

Pete: "Hell yeah bro I fucks with Pachino hard."

2. Johnson: "I'm about to roll this floater real quick and blast some Pachino. You wit' it?"

Pete: "You already bro!"
by Pachino fan :) July 07, 2010

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