A type of crap that floats. Also one found in the pool at hotel. To deal with floater in pool you simply close down pool, put up caution tape, have manager stare at floater for a hour, then clean it out.
Simply go to a hotel and ask the front desk whether or not they have had floater in pool.
by breathdeeply April 12, 2009
The term "Floater" in a sexual context is used when consenting sexual penetration is attained, yet sexual motion does not occur.

One may think to themselfs this is the stupidest thing theyve ever heard of, yet due to mormons in Utah county that tend to put twists on what their religion tells them (and them being stupid enough to agree to it, like no booty prior to domestic incarceration) -Some hold that this circumvents their religions' ruling & is an easier way to passify something sexual (as opposed to the weekend marriage angle)
Shit bro, did you bang Becky yet? She's lookin hot as all fuck today...

Well, kinda sorta

HTF do you kinda sorta bang a girl?

Well she's a bit more mormon than her cousin that I bung'd & we had to tap dance around the whole no sex before marriage thing.

Ok, so uhh... HTF did you do that?

We had a floater...

WTF is a floater?

Well, you know... Its when youre cockdeep in a girl, but youre not having sex with her.

So umm... Youre in her guts, just standing/lying/whatevering there talking about CNN and nothing happens?

Well, yea...

Umm, dude... Thats soo stupid, I think my future children just lost a couple IQ points...
by I-Like-to-bang-normal October 27, 2013
In school, when someone goes desk to desk trying to get all the answers for the assignment.
Gene: Did you finish our work today in history? Austin: Yeah, I was a floater.
by Whsbnd December 10, 2009
A basketball shot in which the ball is launched into a considerably higher arc than that of a normal shot. It is usually the weopon of smaller players (usually Guards) to score over the top of larger players. They can be taken of both feet as a normal jumpshot just pushed higher or off of one like a high launched lay up.
Steve Nash (Phoenix Suns) Hits the floater to tie the game
by Kendle_cranks June 07, 2006
Those women who don't want serious relationships but for some reason seem genuinely interested in you and your love-giving capabilities.

These women will express interest in you, date you, love you, and then confess that they "aren't looking for anything serious right now". These women will then go to bars, meeting more guys, flirting and having fun with them, not you, and your stomach hurts. You beat yourself up over things you think you did wrong, because you're so in love still that they can't possibly be flawed like this. But alas, their main goal is penis and validation, just like the slut. But they are not sluts, for sluts are more obvious in their adventures, instead Floaters are more diplomatic and usually completely oblivious to your pain. I call them Floaters because their goal is to forever float upon a cushion of "those beginning flirtatious amazing days", never staying long enough to give it a chance to turn sour, regardless whether it would have or not. They thrive upon being that girl that every guy wants and loves. They do not love you. Maybe they did, and that's when they realized they had to escape because the beginning days are over and a commitment is looming.

Floating is a terrible epidemic, and you're not the only one who has experienced this. And, yes, women aren't the only ones who can float, but due to the intensity and commonness of the love that men feel towards that one girl they almost had, it's largely women that commit the float.
Dude: Man, I don't know what I did wrong, I gave it my best and she's ignoring me and I see her facebook posts saying she's going out to bars and I know guys are hitting on her because have you /seen/ her, man?

Man: Dude, she's a floater, she doesn't give a crap. She's probably floated 15 other guys before you.

Dude: Yeah, you're probably right. Good thing Pornhub has unlimited video plays on Valentine's Day.
by Juhulavitz February 14, 2014
one party of a relationship that sits back and enjoys the ride, never plans dates, in it for the physical stuff, still enjoys your company but really isnt in it for the long run.
sami just accused her boyfriend of being a floater, he was so mad that she thought he would sink to that level
by mrs_spoons January 06, 2011
A term used in the mp3-scene to describe leaked tracks, often appearing on p2p-networks. Most of the time those tracks are ripped in high quality and shared by 'friends' of the producer.
"Omg man, I just got that new Tiësto track from dc, 320kbps floater lol."

by Sjaak Trekhaak January 08, 2006

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