A dead guy that is in the river or other body of water (floating of course) that is fun to poke with a stick
look at that floater lets poke him!
by gps93 November 24, 2009
Natural tits. So called because they float (as opposed to silicone tits, which don't).
Melissa sure has nice tits. Are they floaters?

Yep, they're the real deal bro!
by Mike Comanche March 10, 2009
a term to describe the level of someone's gayness. if they are very gay, they float because they are so flam-buoyant.
That guy is wearing a pink boa. He's definitely a floater.
by Kody4 June 05, 2011
a person who isnt in a social click at a school and cant be labeled or put in one they know everyone, hang out with everyone, everyone know him/her, and is friends with everyone. There usually very popular very smart polite well liked and good looking
New kid "Hey who is that?"

*points down the hall at a kid who is hanging out with the Crazy ones while wearing the school's football team jacket high fives a popular as he walks by and while a rocker gives him back his guitar*
Friend of new kid "How do you not know him that's Alex"

New Kid "Really what click is he with and how can i get in?"
Friend of New Kid "He isnt in a click he is a floater and just go up and talk to him"
by Absol Night July 16, 2011
A person who just floats with the crowds.
John liked Yung Jeezy, then everyone says Jeezy fell off-so now John says he don't like Yung Jeezy. or
Sarah likes DC's but since she wants to appear 'gangsta' and everyone is wearin Nikes that's 'gangsta' she only wears Nike. John and Sarah are floaters.
by Nykon Pheonix October 17, 2008
A corpse found floating in a body of water... usually half decomposed or partially consumed by fish and stuff (coz there dead....)
*cops talking on phone thingies* "You'd better get down here quick, weve got another floater"
by Rossy August 24, 2003
A type of crap that floats. Also one found in the pool at hotel. To deal with floater in pool you simply close down pool, put up caution tape, have manager stare at floater for a hour, then clean it out.
Simply go to a hotel and ask the front desk whether or not they have had floater in pool.
by breathdeeply April 12, 2009

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