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1 - a small, lighter-than-water turd that, no matter how much you flush, refuses to BE GONE!
2 - an obnoxious asshole that you can't seem to get rid of
dude 1 - Man, what's up with your little bro? Every time we fire up a blunt, he's like, THERE!

dude 2 - Yeah, he's pretty much a fucking floater. He needs to get a life or start contributing to the cause!
by bigbadwoof December 19, 2006
Breasts, especially large breasts that may have been augmented. As used by Dannii Minogue on UK television
Dannii was asked about plastic surgery and she replied, "I've had my floaters done!"
by EDMWF November 16, 2008
In hockey, a floater is a player who won't go into the corners to fight for the puck. Instead, he'll just circle around in the slot waiting for his hard-working teammates to set him up, where he'll inevitably score and take all the glory.

The opposite of a floater is a grinder.

This term was popularized by Don Cherry on his Coaches Corner segment on Hockey Night In Canada.
"That Gelinas, he's no floater. Look at him battle in the corner for the puck."

"The Sens never win any puck battles because they have too many floaters."
by Mike Verkerk April 26, 2004
the opposite of sprewells. they dont spin at all.
Which is better spinners or floaters?
by MaTT January 02, 2005
Beer at a bar or party that has tragically lost it's owner. A more politically correct wounded soldier.
Jeff: Did you leave that floater on the bar?
Pete: You know I'd never do that.
Jeff: Poor guy's gonna get tossed in the pork soda bucket now.
TP: I can't watch this, I'm going sky dumping
by The Cooker March 13, 2008
Natural tits. So called because they float (as opposed to silicone tits, which don't).
Melissa sure has nice tits. Are they floaters?

Yep, they're the real deal bro!
by Mike Comanche March 10, 2009
A floater is an individual who cannot pin-point what group they belong to. They walk down the halls and get nods or smiles from anyone in any group. They are normally polite and friendly but shy. A floater generally becomes a floater because of failed friendships not through fights but through "drifting" apart. Hence, the name floater. They don't like sharing their personal business so it is very rare a person will get inside and actually stick around. Floaters are known to be kind of sketchy because of this. But as previously noted, they are generally polite, friendly and due to the enormous amounts of nods, waves and gestures they get in a day, they usually have a great smile.
Bob: Hey I saw *blank* today. Jeez that guy is friends with everyone!
Ted: No, he's just a floater, we used to be friends... I don't even know what happened there...
Bob: But what a great smile.
Ted: That's for sure.
by GIBBUY September 12, 2011