A mutant abomination that was the result of direct exposure to the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) in the PC game Fallout. Serpentine in appearance, its lashing tongue attack can deliver a lethal dose of poison. The exact origin of this species is unknown, but they were most likely the result of experimentation done by Richard Grey (AKA The Master, the antagonist of the story) with the FEV.
Floaters are among the hordes of dangerous mutants in Fallout.
by Raptor March 23, 2005
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A floater is a social mastermind who wavers between members of one particular clique or between multiple cliques in general, pitting people against one another and leeching out information without seeming like a threat. A perfected floater will appear incredibly trustworthy and neutral and will play both sides, but in reality, floaters look out for themselves and do whatever possible to keep themselves alive in any given scenario.
After playing both sides, floater Janina decided to attend neither Trichelle's nor Mindy's party, so that neither clique queen would be upset with her.
by Gigglez December 02, 2005
Fecal matter that refuses to be flushed. Variously known as a strong swimmer. Not to be confused with sticktites or gluons

Also, a line of bullshit that cannot be accepted.
We didn't believe him, so we said, "That shit won't flush", "That one's a floater".
by Chuck Woolery June 17, 2004
those little random shapes you see, ghost~like in appearace, some are beyond the center of the field of vision~when you try to see them, they move around & change shape! Everyone has them.
These dang floaters are driving me batshit crazy!
by Starchylde June 09, 2015
A piece of fecal matter that will not sink, usually the result of a meal with a high fat content.
I supersized my Big Mac meal and let out a two foot long floater the next morning.
by kaptainkindbud December 09, 2005
bits of plasma, protein, or vitreous that are suspended in the vitreous humor (the gelly substance that fills your eye ball)Though they are normal; most people will get them eventually. They can be congential (from birth) or develop (usually as you get older) They are annoying at first, but most people learn to cope with them. They can be best seen on bright days or while looking at a uniform object, such as the sky.
These floaters are distracting me!
by Anand M May 23, 2007
A turd which refuses to flush.
Who left that floater in the toilet?
by Podge & Rodge November 01, 2006
A dead body found in the water.
The Coast Guard pulled another floater out of the river today.
by Captain Slappy July 10, 2008

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