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The braided pubes dangling from the bottom of a man's scrotum; usually hanging out of shorts, varying in length.
Dude, you're flist is hanging out of your shorts. You better tuck it back in.
by bsu1217 November 12, 2011
A nickname or slang term used to talk about ones LiveJournal.com "friends list"
Dude, I have to check my flist.
by Emily September 05, 2004
Verb. Used to describe the action of adding someone to a friends list on LJ. Also used as a noun when referring the the friends list itself.
User 1: Will you add me?
User 2: Sure, I flisted you.


User 1: Add me to your flist?
by Girl w/ Camera August 14, 2005
an imaginary list of names of people that are desirable enough to have sexual intercourse with
That Kirsti Ally ate her way off of the F-list. But lately shes lost weight, and if she looses 50 more pounds she will be back on it.
by pyroclastic flow 2 February 05, 2009
A Penis which is the same shape as a pencil i.e very thin
Woogie has a flist
by Danny June 19, 2003