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A little untalented person, normally a boy, who gets his kicks from griefing other peoples flipnotes (cartoons drawn in Flipnote Studio) and generally being a pain in the arse. Flipkids clearly lack guidance from responsible adults.
That little flipkid is spamming my flips with comments about yo mamma!
by geezerdk January 01, 2012
Those annoying 'Pilipino' (as pronounced by themselves) kids who hangout at Finch Station (Toronto, Canada) doing nothing but sitting down for hours, running around yelling, or trying to pull some "smooth moves" on the slutty 14 year old private school girls with short skirts.

Do they not have lives? do they not have a job? don't they have homework? don't they have a FUCKING FAMILY TO GO HOME TO?!

See sherpa
Shawn: Yo zehzeh check out those Flip kids at the benches.
Zehzeh: All they fuckin do is run around and give ppl cuteye...fuckin sherpas
by da_thug44 November 01, 2007
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