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To freak out on someone, to yell and scream in anger.
Yo that dude try to jack some of my mad skrilla, i had to flip a tit and kick his ass.
by The American WatchDog November 02, 2004
57 14
It pretty much means to have a massive spazz attack. Like if you're really craving some cigarettes and your friend won't give you any, and you go all pissy on their ass and then soon, people will be saying, "They was being a complete dick today."
Chris: Give me a fuckin' cig man.
Tony: Nah, this is my last one dickface.
Chris will Flip-A-Tit. And pretty much beats Tony's ass to the floor.
by CaylaKoy March 22, 2009
4 3
To freak out. In a good or bad way. The origin of the word came from the Greek goddess Titflapaine. The creator of the phrase is a young girl named Caitlyn from Wisconsin.
I thought she was going to flip a tit when the monkey climbed out of the vagina on final destination 2!
by laquishababy January 16, 2009
17 19
To make a quick u turn in a car.
That was the place, we missed it, flip a tit.
by hwinked January 17, 2004
21 43