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It's the word flick but in capitals so it looks like FUCK. It's a good way to bypass cuss filters without saying something like fuk or fu.ck
person1: How can I bypass filters when I say fuck?
person2: say flick in capitals
by quinton chan September 02, 2007
8 37
A combination of "Fucking" and "Trick".
Used when too lazy of saying those 2 words. :)
A: You know Jasmine?
B: Yeah, that flick!!
by loko May 27, 2008
5 30
A film lacking in integrity - only viewed for a particular reason; commonly a "chick flick".
-What did you think of the flick?
-Ah, it was OK, not great.
by brendan September 16, 2004
20 45
a move
We went to see a flick Friday night
by Michelle February 05, 2003
5 30
Paternalistic caring, love
The father flicked his daughter to show his love for her.
by eric cartman soprano bauer May 29, 2009
2 28
verb. "to flick," as in to rent from the 'Netflix' corporation; similar usage as "Google" as in "to Google one's name."
I flicked "War Tapes" to show my juniors while we're reading "The Things They Carried."

"Soldiers of Conscience" is not flickable.
by arioux April 09, 2009
3 29
to flick one's shoulder, usually receptively back and forth between two people.
Girl: we definitely flicked last night
Guy: shit.. i don't even remember.
by ephenshtay January 10, 2008
6 32
A term that refers to the action of literally flicking someone's penis with ones fingers.
Haha, you flicked that guys penis last night, your so weird. *FLICK*
by Benjamin_R December 04, 2005
8 34