tryin to act like something you're not.
Man! You aint kiss that girl. You are so flexed out!!
by Tito Gallon November 13, 2008
Top Definition
To flexed all of the muscles in ur body at the same time.
1. Dude, my girlfriend walked by this guy and as soon as he saw he flexed-out.

2. Whenever I see a hot girl I get flexed-out to look buffer.
by J I Z Z L E March 10, 2009
1. making a deception of something that's true or not true.

2. being something your not.

3. acting fake.
Bit;; Stop being flexed out, You know what you did.
by dimples_14 December 17, 2009
When you have sex with a girl and she is left wore out spread eaglet
That girl was fine, i left her ass bucky naked and flexed out
by ulubme April 10, 2014
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