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Another term for one's virginity.
Dude, I just lost my Fletcher!
by Muffin101 April 12, 2008
66 71
Whenn 2 guys and girl have sexx, one guy nuts in a girls ass and the other guy sucks it out with a straw.
that fletcher tasted like an oreo milkshake.
by Potter3265 May 11, 2011
18 26
The actual real term comes from the Latin root of "to capture and hold captive"

Ad: ones wrong will. Involving sexual misconduct.

Flethcer a poor mans English name was given to the servants who would catch sewer rats and would place them inside their rectum or anus. This they believed would help to clean their intestine of bacteria.
Richard went to the hospital due to a fletcher
by Wiki Guru March 04, 2010
11 21
small white kid who complains about everything.
Fletcher is such a fletcher.
by lotrelf June 10, 2009
32 44
Noun; one homosexual man that intakes his own semen through a straw out of another homosexual man's anus, after sexual intercourse.
The man was a fletcher.
cum fletch anus fore play
by A man who never cried... wolf. September 21, 2010
5 18
One of those cockheads who you meet on the street and you think to yourself "wow im happy im not that guy" and it turns out he has some kind of homosexual mindreading powers that he gained from too much radioactive anal sex and then he heard your thoughts and realised how gay he was and then went and had more radioactive gay arse love with his best friend, olets just say Mr. Smiley.....anyway then afterwards he gets anal cancer from which he recovers and then on his way out of the hospital without any hair because of chemotherapy he gets hit by a 16 wheeler and dies 14 months later after excruciating pain and absence of anal sex.
Bob: Hey did you see that fletcher?
Beau-Reagard: Oh yeah did you see his posture it was terrible....
by greenknobgobbler October 04, 2010
4 18
An angry blowharded asshole who often loses his temper and screams at co-workers at his place of employment.
Don would always lose his cool and scream at the other supervisors when he was having a bad day. Fucking Fletcher!
by Wiseman July 14, 2006
137 152