A woman that looks like a lesbian but is infact, very much not a lesbian.
"Look at that flesbian over there with the short hair and stocky build, she looks like she should date women, but she's actually got a husband, what a flesbo..."
by me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! March 08, 2010
Top Definition
n. A female that acts like a lesbian or commits lesbian acts, such as making out with another woman, in order to get males interested in her sexually. Literally a fake lesbian.

adj. Of or pertaining to fake lesbians.
n. Brenda and Chaniqua were making out at the party last night, but it was just so Jamal and Rafael would notice them. What a pair of flesbians.

adj. Britney Spears and Madonna made out at the VMAs? That is so flesbian.
by Hank Grafthal June 23, 2006
A lesbian who is flaky. She will ditch any plans at the last minute when her girlfriend calls or when she just doesn't want to do something.
So we were supposed to have a dinner party and my friend ended went to Europe for an art convention. She is such a flesbian!
by jxb May 13, 2009
1. A woman who acts in pornographic films and participates in sexual intercourse with other females who is not indeed a lesbian or a bisexual individual.

2. A woman who only participates in sexual foreplay and/or intercourse with another woman while in college.

3. A woman who ony participates in sexual foreplay and/or intercourse while under the influence of alcohol.
1.The glossy-eyed look of the blonde in the porn I was watching proved that she was a flesbian.

2. My ex-wife's college roommate revealed to me that during my ex-wife's freshman year she was quite the flesbian.

3. Kimmy made out with Sandy at the bar last night. What a flesbian!
by antrimblues May 26, 2010
1. Two females who are acting like lesbians, but really straight. Hence the name 'flesbians,' comes from the words 'fake' and 'lesbian,' "Flesbian."
2. Lesbians that are very flexable. Flexable and Lesbian combined into one word, "Flesbians."
1*Man...those are flesbians, they ain't fooling anyone!*
2*Oh man check out those flesbains.*
by Spiritreaper November 01, 2005
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