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The thing that you go to when the world just doesn't seem right. The thing that will calm you, or make you smile for no reason at all. It can be that special moment in time that you'll remember forever, or that special person who changed you from the moment you laid your eyes on them. Whatever it is to know you can NEVER forget it, and that... you dont want to
To him, that time and place, was more than just a memory, it was his flawless heaven.

As the man dove into the enormous vat of pasta, the noodles wriggled and undulated all over his body, forming a mass of flesh and pasta, without a doubt, this was a flawless heaven.

Her name was fran and her laugh, her smile, her style, her soul, her lips, were all a flawless heaven.
by HeaVeN January 28, 2005
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