Gnarly cat known as 'flatty' which is short for flattfacesnaggletooth. She has won ugliest cat of the year award twice, and lives in an alley in central oregon.
Her myspace page is:
"damn, that cat is almost as ugly as flatty."
by scrawn mcdonough September 25, 2007
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Noun: a woman with a flat chest.
Shut up, ya stupid titless flatty.
by SoulfulZen April 25, 2005
Travelling Showmans term for someone who lives in a house
Look at all the flatty's in the houses over there.
by Showman December 02, 2004
a large women with no boobs. combo of flat and fatty . also synonomus with "all that meat and no potatoes"
yeah shes nice but shes a flatty
by ilovetogetfaded January 07, 2006
Contraction of flatmate used colloquially in New Zealand - Wellington in particular...
X: So are you meeting me at the pub?
Y: Yeah and my flatty will be there a bit later after she finishes work...
by Blondini October 29, 2006
1. A mindless drone.
2. A sheep, that is, one who follows the crowd
3. Opposite of round
4. A shortened form of flatass, meaning something that is hip, cool, or awesome.
1. That robot such a freaking flatty it's not funny.
2. Yeah, them hipster hottie chicks. They such flatties they on the field baaing!
3. Muhaha! My circle is round but yours is a bigly flatty.
4. Woah, man, this new car is way flatty (that is, flatass).
by Sentar Torater November 19, 2006
This refers to a woman's butt that is EXTREMLY FLAT. Its the opposite of a fatty and rytmes with it making the term easy to remeber
Did you see the Miss Universe contest? I can't believe miss Japan made it to the semi's with the "flatty girl" she had
by DMH79 May 08, 2005
a person or thing with an abnormally flat butt.
gee wiz that boy is a flatty.
by The Three Wenches September 16, 2011

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