The perfect drink for friends who insist that they HATE latte's and can only drink flat whites.... Or was it that they HATE flat-white's and can only drink latte's? Either way, it's a cross between a flat white or a latte - which look and taste the fucking same anyway.

* The flatte is to coffee what spandex is to lycra... The same fucking thing, commonly utilised by Mamils.
"Thanks for my latte, I HATE flat-white's"!
"It's a flatte - jerk"...
by Channybangbang February 02, 2011
Top Definition
flatte |ˈfläˌtā| noun : a decaffeinated latte

The construction is similar to “blog” – the last letter of a two-word phrase (“web log”) coupled with the full second word. In this case, “decaf latte” becomes “flatte.”
It's too late in the day for caffeine but I still want a coffee. So, could you get me a flatte if you're going to the cafe?
by Emoticonoclast July 17, 2011
Putting in an order for flat white but being presented instead with a latté: Flatté
When an order for a flat white is made but the waiter brings you a latté instead then when suddenly becoming aware hesitates and apologetically offers to replace it with the original request, but you shrug your shoulders accept the latte and assure by exclaiming "mate your note was misread as a 'flatté'!"
by k9999r December 08, 2010
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