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A Society claiming that the Earth was once flat, and some evil people (somehow) turned the earth spherical. In my opinion a bunch of crackpots who make money by telling bogus stories (such as... the world is flat) and claim to have a large following.
So-called scientist: Contrary to belief, the World was once flat

Scientist: LOL
by mark October 10, 2004
Flat Earth Society (n.) - The International Flat Earth Society was created in 1956 by the English man, Samuel Shenton. They argued that the Earth is actually flat. It was believed by members and non-members alike that the Apollo moon landings were a hoax and were made up by NASA in order to get ahead in the space race against Russia. The Honorable Samuel Shenton died in 1971. Charles K. Johnson became the new president of the Flat Earth Society. Consequently, the Society was moved to Lancaster, California. Under Johnson's leadership, the Society grew from a few members to around 3,000 worldwide. The Society believes that humans live on a disc. A good portion believes that the North Pole is at its center and there is a 150-foot (~45 meter) high wall of ice at the outer edge (generally believed to be the so-called Antartica). The resulting map resembles the symbol of the United Nations, something Johnson used as evidence for his position. In this model, the sun and moon are each a mere 32 miles (52 km) in diameter. The Honorable Charles K. Johnson died on March 19, 2001, leaving the Society without a leader. This was the end of the Flat Earth Society as we knew it. It now only exists through the remaining believers, but there is no official organization like before. There are some websites dedicated to the Society, but stand mostly for parodical purposes.
The Flat Earth Society fought the lonely fight of leading the world back to 'sanity'.
by r0akh December 25, 2006
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