1.a farm where flan is made.
the new generation of dairy products will no longer be produced at dairy farms, from now on it will be produced at flarms.
by the gentile gangsta' December 27, 2003
Top Definition
The fat and jiggly arms of an obese person when wearing a tank top, tank dress, or sleeve-less shirt.

The fat lady flailed her FLARMS when her team scored a touchdown.
by Eddie Monahan May 15, 2007
Plural for "farm" or "farmland."
Look, it's flarm!
by kalenedrael October 15, 2003
1. The meaning of life

2. A word to fill in for another word or syllable
"Hey, what are we on Earth for?

"I got a 95% on my mid-term!"
"That's flarmtastic!"
by Danmar May 14, 2012
A portmanteau of "flail" and "arm". To flarm is to swing one's arms about wildly in a spastic manner, usually as an expression of surprise, amazement, or joy.
Sasha flarmed with excitement at the news, knocking over a glass in the process.
by Starhowl September 21, 2010
The flabby, tricep area that waves more than your arm when in motion.
When Kelly's favorite song came on, she got really excited while dancing and her flarms almost knocked me out.
by Urban Dictionary February 26, 2012
the squishy part of a woman's underarm next to her chest that pooks out of sleeveless shirt or strappy dress.
This dress is pretty but it's accentuating my flarm. I am not that flarmy, am I?

The straps on this dress are too tight and making my flarm pook out.
by Madam Flawless January 02, 2011

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