Mass infestation of herpes on ones lip that is sometimes mistaken for blisters related to over exposure to the sun!
Sarah came back from vacation with a flaming lip.
by Anonymous June 11, 2003
Top Definition
only the best band ever. They seem to get better with age. I strongly suggest you listen to "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots". It kicks ass.
Before those corporation bastards shut it down, The Flaming Lips were going to play at Lollapalooza.
by Anna Case June 25, 2004
An experimental rock band that mixes the sounds of Joy Division (post-punk), Radiohead (prog-rock), and various garage bands to make some w1x0rly sweet music.
The Flaming Lips is an awesome band.
by Philip July 24, 2003
*A kick-ass band.

*A women having PMS.

*Burning lips.
"What? They call the labias lips."
by Dave October 19, 2004
The name derives from the band, but it is when you sucks your girls pussy lips so hard they feel like they are on fire.
"Sorry about your Flaming Lips babe."
by Justin "Bombay" October 04, 2007
A condition suffered by a gay male who "bottoms" for the first time and failed to prepare himself for the stretching of a certain muscle in his lower body.
D'wan finally gave in to temptation and let himself get topped by Big Sweet last night after the concert in the back of his Escalade and when they was finished he had "flaming lips" so bad that he couldn't sit on a flat surface for five days after.
by Dippy Dino May 03, 2010
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