A derogitory term for a homosexual.
That guy is such a flamejob.
by Phill McRacken January 12, 2003
Top Definition
a straight male receiving a blowjob from a homosexual male
he finally gave in, to his ever persistent, gay friends' repeated requests, to allow him to perform oral sex on him. (recieving a flame job)
by ekim etto November 16, 2009
A blowjob given to a guy with a fire crotch (red pubes).
Damn did you hear that fat chick gave Billy a flame job.
by LBP December 12, 2004
brandon pitre loves to suck the cock 24hrs a day and has a boyfriend named charles and likes to have bum sex with him!
brandonpitre is a flamejob.
by hrrrrrrrrr December 15, 2007
A non-complimentary name for a flamboyant, homosexual male.

In normal use, FLAME JOB references an elaborate, attention getting air-brush painting of "flames" on the gas tank of a motorcycle. Such completed work is called a "flame job".

In its derogatory use, "FLAME JOB" references a gay male who struts or sashays about in a flamboyant manner, trying to garner attention to his gay self.

Interestingly enough, FLAMBOYANT is defined as: 1. characterized by waving curves suggesting flames
2: marked by or given to strikingly elaborate or colorful display or behavior.
Rich: Don't look now, but here comes that flamboyant gay guy again, trying to sell perfume knock-offs, door-to-door.

Tony: Fuckin' sick flame job.
by Ducky Vasquez June 08, 2009
Similar to blow job, except the giver of the flame job had recentely eaten jalapeños.
"My girlfriend and I went to a Mexican restaurant and she gave me a flame job afterwards."
by DragonKore April 24, 2004
the art of giving a rim job & putting hot sauce on the other person's anus to make it interesting
last night i brouht this girl home & i gave her a flame job but she didn't seem to like it so much
by Diego & Chives May 06, 2007
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