the 2011 lakers team that is usually good but acted like flakes and got swept by the mavericks 4-0
George: damn, the lakers lost to some random team in India!
Jamal: Those damn lakers, more like Flakers!
by sigga the second bappi May 11, 2011
Top Definition
A person who bails out on a commitment at the very last minute.
Tim is such a flaker. I can't believe that he bailed out the very last minute! I'm definitely not inviting him to hang out next time.
by Zain Cheng February 17, 2006
Is someone who plans on attending an event and never calls to state they wont be there.
icky-wicky is a FLAKER because she always says she will show up to a party but never does.
by Big Rick September 17, 2007
Someone who does not show up when they had previously stated they will. Also, someone who has no intention of showing up, but acts like they will or want to show up only to mess with your feelings.
Simona is a flaker, she said she wanted to catch the game, but she met up with her real friends instead.
by Oppa's Club February 22, 2012
Is someone who always makes plans to attend a event and comes up with a pathetic excuse to bail out every time.
1. Tucker made plans to go to Vegas, then bailed on me last minute. What a flaker.....

2. Wesley and I where suposed to go watch the game at the bar but he flaked out.
by hectorbg February 11, 2010
Someone who says they are going to show up yet doesn't.
That Rudy Vasquez guy is a big flaker.
by shaq3212 March 18, 2013
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