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only the BEST car in the world!! comes in many colors including:
maroon (the best color), yellow, blue, green, pink, and more.
Looks similar to Hummers but are made by Toyota.

what many sailors plan to do is buy an FJ boat
(which is similar to 420s and smaller then Rhodes 19)
to trailer from their FJ car.

Person 1: Woah! Dude! Where'd u get that awesome car?
Person 2: Its an FJ cruiser...
Person 1: Oh thats why it looks so cool!
Person 2: Uh huh!
by sailor134494 April 21, 2009
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N; The act of giving or receiving a footjob while in a moving vehicle.
That chick gave me the best FJ cruiser while we were on that road trip last summer.
by Proser Brosley November 29, 2009
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The act of giving/receiving a foot job in an automobile. much like "road-head"

The Toyota FJ cruiser. a concept SUV of 2007.
kyle: hey man, sage gave me an FJ cruiser last night in my camarro.
g-nof: sweet bro.
by gdaddyflex January 14, 2007
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Faux Jeep (Jepe in French)

An ugly off-road vehicle made by Toyota.
Did you see that yellow FJ Cruiser?

You mean the yellow faux jepe.
by whoak August 05, 2010
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"FJ CRUISER", better known by its real non-abbreviated name, the Fag Jeep Cruiser... Is a cheap Toyota Jeep knock off. It was specifically designed for those with less testicular fortitude than Jeep owners. It's best known to be seen driven by girly men who want it known that their anus is open for business. It is also commonly driven by Brazilians.
"I drive an FJ CRUISER and have a small penis"

"I drive an FJ CRUISER because I'm not man enough to drive a Jeep"
by Fugazi June 30, 2014
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