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1. Fizzle my Lizzle: bastardization of "F*** my Life," most commonly used by wanna-be gangsters or nerds making a really bad joke.
2. A way of saying "my life is fucked," "I hate my life," "The world is cruel," and "Alas, earwax."

Also, Fizzle mah Lizzle, Fo'Shizzle my Lizzle, Shizzle my Lizzle, Drizzle my Pizzle (I don't get it either).
1. "Today, I realized I have never read a true FML. Fizzle my Lizzle."
2. As Dumbledore realized that he had again eaten an earwax-flavoured jelly bean, he exclaimed "Fizzle mah Lizzle!"
by tehsalsa November 18, 2009

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