originally started by a series of french people. due to their lack of english, the word fiveteen came to be. the word itself consists of two parts. five, and teen. this is to total the number 15, in a frenchier way.
I just turned fiveteen the other day!

Are you turning fiveteen next week?

That t-shirt costs fiveteen dollars.
by strivEEE September 25, 2010
Top Definition
Used when describing an amount between five and fifteen.
He only sang about fiveteen songs at the concert.
by pringlekid June 12, 2010
An actual number that lies between 13 and 14. It's acurate placement is exactly 13.6, when used in sequential order it would go twelve, thirteen, fiveteen, fourteen, fifteen!
It seems like I've been working on this for almost fiveteen minutes!
by TheLaw5 February 22, 2008
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