The Kingdom of Fife; a region in the east of Scotland which contains various towns and villages such as Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes, St Andrews, Cardenden, Cowdenbeath and more farms than you could ever need. Fife is most commonly referred to as a 'shitehole full of inbreds' by the rest of Scotland, most likely due to the fact there is an abundance of cheap council housing, which has made Fife an attractive location for those on low incomes and to those on the dole. This means Fife has been tinged with older generation weegies who cannot afford to live in Glasgow and have thus moved across to Fife, resulting in what seems like a poor imitation of Glasgow and an extremely high number of Rangers and Celtic 'fans'. If you were to walk through a park in Fife, at any night of the week you'd more than likely encounter a group of 14/15 year olds drinking '3 bombs' and shagging in the bushes. It is fairly common for children to leave school at 16 in Fife, either to get an apprenticeship or not uncommonly do a beauty therapy/hairdressing course at a local college. Despite all of this, the shit stain that Fife is known as has chundered out some notable success; Adam Smith, Andrew Carnegie, two professional football teams, the sport of golf and one of the most prestigious Universities in the world in St Andrews University. Those who come from Fife are known as Fifers and common words that appear in Fife conversations include; braw, eh, dinny, ken, mortal, pure, likes.
"Where are you from mate?"
"Fife ken, gonnae go in the shop for us and buy me and ma pals a 3 bomb? Gonnae get mortal and watch the mighty Rangers on ma telly. Could ye get me some johnnys too actually?, might be shagging this pure braw bird the night a met down public the other week eh"
by mrunknown April 22, 2013
call fives on a seat when u get up so mother fuckers cant steal it for 5 min.
yo bitch fool i called fives!
by 69 KIng October 25, 2006
Miss Gray is the queen of fife
All hail the queen of fife
by Queenoffife December 26, 2013
A colonial instrument similar to the flute, except shriller in sound and lacking the complicated "keys". It is far more advanced then it's comrade the drum, contrary to popular belief, and a large secret society of awesome people still play it today. Put together with drums, these groups of awesome people are known as "fife and drum corps."
The Old Guard Fie and Drum Corp., the US military fife and drum corp. that is known to be greater than all, and all awesome fifers and drummers secretly aspire to join. Also, I'm pretty sure wikipedia has a good description of a fife.
by hoorayforthefish July 01, 2011
A complete shithole on the East coast of Scotland. Not much happens, people have funny accents and weird beliefs, such as the belief that anyone who lives in the same city as David Tennant "knows Doctor Who". They have no cars, only tractors, shag sheep for fun and give funny names to places, like Burntisland, which weirdly, is not burnt or an island.
Rosie: "Where are you going?"
Lauren: "Fife."
Rosie: "Oh shit. Good luck."
by Cheerio...x October 10, 2010
Better way of saying future wife, on account of fiance sounds gay and French.
My fife Lauren talks too much, but I'm gonna marry her anyway.
by dutchey October 09, 2010
The use of using a fork to cut your food like a knife
John Doe says " Hey do you need a knife to cut your french Toast?"

Mary Jane replies " No I will just use my handy dandy fife"
by Master_Mind September 26, 2010
When one backs into someone's car as a direct result of an overconfident cocky attitude.

Originated from Central Connecticut when a young male with the last name of Fife became known for backing into vehicles, with the attitude described above.
Dude! You fifed my car!
by L-Bear1234 January 26, 2011

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