A written parody that is a five minute version of the tv show/ movie/ game etc. Can be written by a single person or as part of a group and popularised by certain fandom related websites.
Katy: You seen the new OC fiver?
Liz: LOL of course! >insert quote<
by Last Chancer October 24, 2006
50 grams of weed that you buy from a drug dealer about almost half a sandwich bag filled with buds
Yo can you score me a fiver?
by kaya420 March 28, 2008
A term used to describe Flexer
"What ya doing Fiver?"
See Flexer
by A Fiver lover September 22, 2003
the 5 steps that a guy should follow in a quick relationship with a woman

1) find her
2) feel her
3) finger her
4) fuck her
5) forget her
"yo i fivered that girl the other day - i think shes still waiting for my call"
by kfizzle9992 May 21, 2007

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