Pigs -- sometimes hair-trigger killers with screamin' amps, party lights and big guns (the bad kind of each) anywhere, but specifically on any of the Hawaiian Islands.

Generally: anyone, anywhere packin' a badge or talkin' to someone who does; Cops; LVPD on bicycles; LAPD; NYPD; Sheriff's Deputy; CHiPs; Highway Patrol; State Police; Texas Ranger; feds; U.S. Marshall; DEA; BATF; undercover detective; the man; gubbamint agent; revenuer; Dog the Bounty Hunter; Officer of the Court; DA, judge; meter maid; security guard; narc; snitch; CI.

Even more broadly: paranoid label for anyone out-of-place in the hood; a person (potential witness) suspected of surveillance; someone who trades their legal troubles for incriminating testimony against someone else.
"This is McGarrett, FIVE-O. You're dusted (busted).
Book'em Dan-O (or Book him, Danno)."

"The Feds are bastards. Even Captain Steve McGarrett of Five-O don't like 'em for their inept and abusive heavy-handed tactics."
Top Definition
n. Short for police officers. Originated from the TV show Hawaii 5-0 which was a copp show in the 1970's. Hawaii is the 50th state, hence the nickname "5-0".
Put that blunt out, five-o, five-o!
by thug4life September 29, 2002
An expression that is used to tell people that a police is around.
Yo! Five O is down tha street
by Alex March 04, 2004
refers to police / law enforcement. From the TV show "Hawaii 5-0" about the 50th State's Police Department.
"Are you mofo's 5-0 ?? "
by CCC_Trinity June 02, 2005
Urban slang for police officers. Derived from the police drama "Hawaii 5-0."
Five-O is following us, and we've got six bags of crack in the trunk. Damn, we're doomed.
by GuidoPosse69 February 08, 2005
A generalization of the name of the Honolulu Police (as in the old TV program "Hawaii 5-0") to refer to any police agency or generic cop(s).
Douse that doob, man, the five - o is on our ass!
by LYQUOR June 21, 2007
Five O - n. its very simple this word = THE POLICE!
The Five O likes to beat on minorities.
by Kale March 29, 2006
n. When someone says five o they are referring to police. This was derived from the engine of the ford cop cars. The cars ran on 5 liter engines and had a 5.0 symbol on the side. In fact, the same symbol is used on the sides of the 5 liter ford mustangs.
Oh shit, five o. Dipset; we'll meet by the car in 10.
by LGND May 14, 2014
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