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Mixing the new (caffeine-free) four loko with a 5 hour energy to regain its former glory...

They changed the formula and we're changing it back.
We're going five loko tonight!
by drunk@jhu January 23, 2011
When one mixes Four Loco malt beverage with vodka it is a Five Loco.
Damn that bitch be twerking on that Five Loko tonight.
by matt derpson October 08, 2013
"Five Loko: When Four Just Isn't Enough"

Adding any sort of hard liquor to a Four Loko, preferably whiskey. A practice most commonly seen amongst broke college students, and anyone else who is either A) adventurous or B) has a death wish. Typically results in a crazed, bear-like, drunken state.
Man, this Four Loko just isn't doing it for me. Whip out the vodka and let's get some Five Loko going.
by sevflorenz November 14, 2010