sexy beast sexy sharky good looking e.g marty had a fit bum hehehahahahahaha marty marty iz fit has big fit booty those sexy sharks cawww
The sharks from jaws theyre fuckin fit
by cattlesupafishesbum March 09, 2005
A girl (or possibly a guy) who has a large or fat body but small chest (or pecks). Also referred to as Fitzgerald
Reggie: You see Matt's girlfriend?
Taylor: Yeah, she's got some fits on her...I saw her in a one piece
by anonymister February 12, 2008

When I tell somebody I'm fit I don't mean that I am attractive, I mean that I am fine thanks.

This is just another distortion of a word that was already distorted from it's original meaning.
"How're you today, Adam?"
"We all know how stunningly good looking you are, Adam, but how are you?"
"Yeah, I'm fit. Like excellent, durh."
"Oh I see, now it all makes sense."
by iamlikewellfit December 22, 2006
when you look at someone and can tell right away she is a freak in the sack. freak in the sack F.I.T.S.
Damn, that girl is a fits
by DROOP September 28, 2007
FIT- Stands for Fag In Training. Used mostly during summer camps to describe a young camper who acts extremely gay at a young age and is on his way to becoming a professional butt slammer. Can be found looking at bugs while the others are playing football and fighting, singing every song from High School Musical, or the one you can never get out of the boys bathroom.
1)Kyle came to camp today with a Justin Timberlake shirt on, What an FIT.

2)Timmy get your penis off that other boys face, dont be such an FIT.
by ItalianoSpecial December 18, 2007
When you Fart and Shit at the same time.
passing gas while taking a crap is taking a fit.
by Jim Myrick April 08, 2006
This is when you shit into a commode, but fart a lot at the same time (as opposed to a shart, which is farting then shitting accidentally).
Wow, Lisa looked really red coming out of the bathroom. She must've had a fit.
by *subject name here* January 29, 2008

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