1. When clothes are the correct size for the wearer.
2. When an object is appropriate for the situation or surroundings.
3. Fat Tits.
1. Hey, this new jacket fits real well!
2. Yeah, that new couch fits perfectly with the rest of your stuff.
3. Damn! She's got some Fits!
by Phoenix January 20, 2005
a fit is something you wear, shirt or pants. in other words clothes
1.what store did u get ur fit at?
2.that fit is off the hook!
by michaela July 08, 2004
short for outfit
dawg, that's a nice fit, but your shirt is extra-medium
by Mr.Seals March 10, 2004
Fag In Training-
someone you know. a cool person who is slowly turning into a hater,blocker or fag.
yo, that cat is a fckn F.I.T. he's koo now, but he's startin to act kinda funny.
by karlisimo December 04, 2006
Actually, it's the opposite of shart. You think you have to take a shit, but instead it's just a fart.
Here I sit all broken hearted.
Came to shit, but only farted.
by SuperDew October 14, 2004
similar to the wider known "shart" but solid not runny. occurs when one trys to ease out a fart and instead shits hard and painfully.
i got drunk on the plane & had a fit, everyone could smell it and they knew it was me.
by zeke February 19, 2004
This word describes a girl whos only positive attributes are her face and tits. Hence, fits.
Nelly: "Yo man, did you love sanchez?"
Dean: "Naw, man she was just a fits, plus she had man hands."
by ROBOTRON2012 March 18, 2009

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