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An episode where one feels the need to defecate, but once settled on the throne, flatulence serves to relieve one of the need to 'go'.

The prefix denotes the result, the suffix the intention, as in shart
"That's a relief - turned out to be a fit. Lucky really, 'cause there was no bog roll left!"

"I didn't catch that - the music's too loud"

"I SAID..." etc
by LoFiFoFum September 08, 2009
Needle and syringe...junkie term.

rigs works
Wher can I get some fits..?
by anarchypunk April 25, 2005
The feel and shape of a woman's vagina after being with one man for a long period of time.
Bro, I know she is messing around my fit is all fucked up.
by DaKardinalofCordova January 04, 2010
In North Carolina Mountains its a fight between two men
Jethro and Rufus fit till neither could stand.
by Keith March 14, 2005
1. Word in england used to describe someone as being hot , sexy etc
2. what? , slang term for what
1. Boy that craig hes fit!

Person 1 : i was like ok ... whatever

person 2 : Fit? , fit ya talkin about! ure nae makin any sence !
by Thingy July 05, 2004
A new car made by Honda of Japan. Released April 20th in the USA and April 3rd in Canada. The Fit is a 4 door hatch (AKA 5 Door) Camoes with a 1.5L Vtec in an auto or 5 speed stick. Gets good mileage.
Hey, I have a Honda Fit. Now I can drive past the pumps and do my part to tell foreign oil produces to r0x0r my k0x0r.
by Danthefitz0rman..gahynames July 18, 2006
Shouted at attractive girls, accompanied by pointing the index finger!
Justin sees a attractive girl! FIT!
by Rachael 'Dave' Townsend May 03, 2004