To fart then shit.
I fit in my pants.
by Jesus Bird August 29, 2011
Charlie Busted iz so fit
by Shaida September 20, 2003
Fit previously used to describe somthing you really really like but is now normally used to describe anything by morons or more specifically Chavs
Chavs Fit
by The-one-who-don't-bullshit July 23, 2010
A reginal term (South Wales) for someone who is up-front or can take care of them selves.
Don't worry about her, she's fit enough!
by welsh girrrl October 28, 2009
Fellatio in Transit
Shirley gave me a FIT on the way to the beach.
by Marteyus March 21, 2010
1.To describe something that is really good.
2.Used as an expression of something that is really good.
1. e.g. That photo is fit!
2. e.g. when your out one evening, and you're really enjoying a band, you turn to your friend and say, "This is Fit!"
by Super kat and chips June 06, 2005
Outfit, CLothing worn together as a total package.
DId you check out ole girls fit at the club last night?
by Angel November 14, 2003

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