Freak In The Sheets. A girl or boy who gets freaky in the bedroom.
Damnnnn, you can tell that boy is a fits
by misssssfits June 20, 2010
A person who is very good looking.
Arctic Monkeys lead singer, Alex Turner, is sooo fit!
by July 17, 2009
short for "outfit", they are clothes put together to create a total look, an outfit.
That's a sick fit!
Awesome fit!
by junaaa January 19, 2008
When you mess up and you don't feel like saying "Fucking Tits"
I tried to insert the usb drive in correctly, but it was upside down, so I then yelled "Fits". Sadly I forgot that I was at a coffee shop, so I then yelled "Fits" again.
by sweese February 18, 2014
Something you call a girl/guy who is crazy in bed:

F- Freak
I- In
T- The
S- Sheets

You could also call someone FITSgerald to their face
What up FITSgerald, that was a good fuck last night
by $H0V@ February 12, 2011
1. Siezure
2. In the midst of going crazy due to extreme anger
3. An action performed by a child that doesn't get his way.
I brought a D home on my reportcard and my parents had a fit.
by Hotobu June 30, 2003
When you see someone that you feel an overwhelming sense of attraction for
Dude, have you seen Bret Bateman?? Hes so fit. He makes me as moist as an otters tail!
by sandblaster January 12, 2014
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