Hot body, tight ass, nice titties, etc. vey naas. Chiefly British.
That bloke is FIT. MMMMmmmm.
by R3 March 08, 2003
fukin gorgeous lass
shes well fit
by Blink the world October 09, 2003
gorgeous, beautiful, stunning
she is fit! meaning woah she is gorgeous!
by jane123 March 12, 2008
to describe an individualos clothes
Man, that dudes got some tight fits.
by Anonymous December 19, 1999
British Word, used to describe very good-looking people.
Fit is another word for: hot, dope, sexy, gorgeous ... etc ...
"DAMN! That guy/girl is soooooo fit!"

"Britney Spears is so god damn fit!"

"Usher is really fit!"
by SexyHunniex3 May 02, 2006
Short for outfit. Used only in referrence to nice/expensive/name brand clothing.
Ooh, I just gotta pick up that 'fit, man.

This 'fit has all the pussy in town on its way right now.
by jenou October 03, 2007
amazingly atractive( bona givin' eye openin,mouth gaspin,breath stoppin attractivness
dude1(tounge out)"dnt u think shez propa fit?"
dude2"fuck off m8 thats my mum!"
dude1"sorry m8 but look @ that even fitter girl ova there!"
dude2(mouth open)" ahh yeah now thats wat im talkin bout(looking @ boobs) ohh yeah...."
by max the gr8r January 06, 2004
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