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Hot body, tight ass, nice titties, etc. vey naas. Chiefly British.
That bloke is FIT. MMMMmmmm.
by R3 March 08, 2003
610 348
fukin gorgeous lass
shes well fit
by Blink the world October 09, 2003
232 140
gorgeous, beautiful, stunning
she is fit! meaning woah she is gorgeous!
by jane123 March 12, 2008
104 38
to describe an individualos clothes
Man, that dudes got some tight fits.
by Anonymous December 19, 1999
66 29
British Word, used to describe very good-looking people.
Fit is another word for: hot, dope, sexy, gorgeous ... etc ...
"DAMN! That guy/girl is soooooo fit!"

"Britney Spears is so god damn fit!"

"Usher is really fit!"
by SexyHunniex3 May 02, 2006
108 74
Short for "Counterfeit", term "Fit" is only used for counterfeit money that sells for less than the legal value it resembles. Fits are also known for great quality, but just a bit lower than the actual authentic bill that money is made of. And is used to actually purchase things.
Dude i needa buy me one of em gucci bags for my boo, cost around $250, link me fits to buy 6 of em. I'll pay the producer after i sell em and link one to my boo, seen?
by Playground Legends March 21, 2009
26 10
Temper tantrum, hissy fit, sudden burst of anger.
No further explanation
by Saints October 05, 2003
45 30