When you cuff a chick to the bed and then fist her.
Carly likes it rough so when we were fooling around it led to fistacuffs! Carly and I don't talk anymore.
by dickwithers3 July 26, 2008
Top Definition
The act of fighting with bare fists
I challange you to Fistacuffs you hoolagin!
by Dapper Chap January 18, 2007
It involves 2 guys and 1 girl. One guy fucks the girl from behind while the other guy is getting a blow job. while this is going on the two guys arm wrestle on the girls back. The winner gets to finish and stay for the rest of the night while the loser has to Immediately pull out and leave.
That game of fist-a-cuff was totally one sided.
by kidfox June 03, 2006
a. A word to be said at a loud volume at any given moment.

b.Something you call one of your friends.

b. Waddup Fist-a-Cuffs?
by Dan Somerville September 06, 2008
To provoke someone to triplesicow you.
Jesse: Fistacuffs
Alex triplesicows him.
by Father of the Unholy Trinity April 02, 2009
1. when one engages in the act of fisting a bodily orifice.
Awww man, that bird was such a freak she let me bust fistacuffs on her.
by nVision November 11, 2004
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