(verb) To be "assed" or "fucked". Is used in the sense of something bad happening to that person.
Haha! She really fisted you! (haha she really assed ya)
by da one whos aint fisted March 08, 2007
Can often be used in place of "fuck", but is more fun to use because it is more unique.
Go fist yourself
by DJM October 07, 2003
An award of status given to people/objects who have committed an extreme and awesome act.
You are deserving of the full fist for your attempt to eat glass while drinking vomit.


Your weak effort earns you no fist!
by s.s. July 18, 2004
Not dissimilar to grouper - but more enthusiastic/definite. A term of total non-endearment
"He is a massive fist" - probably some form of chav, gyspter, grouper etc.
by M_O_U_L_D June 04, 2004
To shove ones fisted hand into another's Billy Ocean or Assho'.
Susan got fisted by her lover Jessica last night. It was DA ILL NANA.
by Ant January 23, 2005
Making a fist and then repeatedly punching someones anus or vagina. Gloves optional.
Kat loves to fist all her coworkers at Eaga.
by S April 06, 2005
The ultimate weapon of ass destruction. See fisting.
My ass got nuked by my boyfriend's fist last night.
by sam1udntknow June 22, 2016
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